Extended revision of Mochovce NPP Unit 3

Extended revision of Mochovce NPP Unit 3
Slovenské elektrárne finished all works defined in the approved primary circuit extended revision programme for Unit 3.

Slovenské elektrárne performed all required inspections of systems and components during the extended revision with the aim of assessing their conditions following the hot hydraulic testing and before the fuel loading into the reactor.

The extended revision included a thorough inspection of the reactor as well as other primary circuit components, particularly reactor internal structures, reactor coolant pumps, pipelines, pressurizer, etc. dismantling, inspection works, and re-assembling of the reactor and other primary circuit components, i.e. reactor internal structures.

Slovenske Elektrarne performed visual, tightness, pressure, ultrasonic and other tests to check integrity and quality of the primary circuit components and for detection of impurities or foreign objects.

The company continuously rectifies some of the findings resulting from testing of systems performed so far, prepares additional more detailed analyses, and will repeat some tests done during the hot hydraulic testing.

The extended revision will be completed by reactor readiness for fuel loading following the repeated Mochovce NPP Unit 3 heating, assessment of additional required tests and repeated primary circuit pressure test, as conditions for authorisation to load fuel into the reactor.

Slovenske Elektrarne does not expect any significant impact of the activities on the schedule and budget, technical readiness for fuel loading shall be achieved in autumn 2019.

Mochovce NPP Unit 3 primary circuit extended revision is the last stage before the initial fuel loading into the reactor.