Mochovce NPP adopted a Very Tight Management and Control System, says project director

Mochovce NPP adopted a Very Tight Management and Control System, says project director
Francisco Josè Morejon Verdù runs the nuclear project since April 2017. At Unit 3, the construction is 95% complete and commissioning is at 10%.

What is the current status of Mochovce 3&4 project?

Construction progress of Unit 3 is 95% and Commissioning 10%. We are in the phase of systems completion and partial turnover; in Unit 4 we are still deeply involved in the construction activities with overall progress of 83% and we have not started the commissioning process yet. 

Project deadlines and budget have changed in the past. What is the near future of Mochovce completion project?

In general, delays and relevant cost impact were caused by significant changes of design overlapping with the construction phase mainly due to implementation of new safety regulations and industrial standards, analysis of post-Fukushima effect and increase of seismic loads .No major design changes are expected in the future and we have implemented a very tight management and control system. 

What are the key milestones for this year?

Without any doubt, it is the start of Cold Hydro of Unit 3 scheduled by the end of this year 2017.

How did you get to the management position for the Mochovce completion project?

I was selected by ENEL based on my experiences with management and completion of large and complex projects worldwide.

What is the position of the Spanish towards nuclear energy?

I am fully convinced that each country will select his own mix depending on its characteristic and natural resources, with highly challenging market always being the main driver.

Even though you have spent only a short time in Slovakia, how do you like it?

I like it, mainly due to open and friendly character of the people and the way they enjoy the life.

What are your hobbies? Do you have any time left for off-work activities?  

I love the wild nature and especially the sea, I used to take photos, dive, ride the horse, work in garden, watch the birds, go hiking. I used to do everything related to animals, nature or landscaping. Unfortunately, I have had almost no time for all this, so I try at least to listen to some music and read books.... what we call heavy & deep “sofa sport”, until I fall asleep.

Francisco Josè Morejon Verdù

Francisco Morejon has over 35 years of experience with management of numerous large construction projects across the globe, particularly in the area of power generation (steam-gas combined cycle, hydro power plants and renewable resources) and infrastructure development (outdoor substations, high-voltage transmission lines, railway electrification and environmental controlprojects).

A Spanish mother-tongue, Mr. Morejon also speaks English, Italian and French.