Mochovce NPP Unit 3 fuel loading expected in 1st quarter of 2019

Mochovce NPP Unit 3 fuel loading expected in 1st quarter of 2019
Slovenské elektrárne expects that the commercial operation of the new power plant will begin in the second quarter of 2019.

The Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic, Peter Pellegrini, and the Minister of Economy, Peter Žiga, visited on 10 July the site of units 3 and 4 at Mochovce nuclear power plant. Together with representatives of the Nuclear Supervisory Authority and other delegation members, they held a working meeting with the CEO of Slovenské elektrárne, Branislav Strýček, site project director, Francisco Morejon, and Enel Manager for Europe and North Africa, Roberto Deambrogio, to be followed by a joint inspection of the reactor hall, machinery room and main control room of the new power plant.

Commissioning not far off

Fuel loading at Unit 3 is scheduled for the first quarter and commercial operation for the second quarter of 2019, as was confirmed by the Prime Minister and by the plant director. “In July and August a cold hydro-test should take place at the third unit, testing the key systems. Providing the tests are passed, commissioning of the third unit may be launched,” said Pellegrini, adding that following that point the company can then focus on completing the fourth unit. According to Branislav Strýček, the fourth unit is to be completed over the period one year following the completion of the third unit, provided that no unforeseen circumstances arise. “Dialogue with the government representatives is open, quite tough. We are fully aware of the deadlines and are doing everything in our powers to prevent any further time slippage,” stated Strýček.

Budget remains unchanged

The budget for completion of the two Mochovce nuclear units in the amount of €5.4 billion should from now on remain unchanged, as stated the Prime Minister. “Roughly €4.9 billion has been already contracted and €4.5 billion has already been paid out,” added Pellegrini. The Prime Minister appreciated the fact that Enel, as one of Slovenské elektrárne’s shareholder, is to lend from its own funds the amount of €700 million to complete the Mochovce project. “This does not represent any increase in the budget for completion,” mentioned the Prime Minister.  The Government negotiated the details concerning the loan and approved it on Wednesday, 11 July.

Appeal addressed to suppliers

The Prime Minister, Peter Pellegrini, also advised the four key suppliers operating on site at the new Mochovce units that they take a responsible approach to the project. “At the turn of September, October, we will come back to Mochovce together with the Minister of Economy and inspect in detail the fulfilment of the schedule. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the four largest suppliers: PPA Control, Škoda JS, VUJE and Enseco. These companies will also be held responsible when questions are asked as to why things have not been completed,” indicated the Prime Minister.