Slovenské elektrárne approaches the commissioning of Mochovce 3

Slovenské elektrárne approaches the commissioning of Mochovce 3
The company will start loading nuclear fuel into the reactor immediately after the permit enters into force.

On 13 May 2021, the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic (ÚJD SR) issued the permit for the Mochovce nuclear power plant Unit 3 commissioning. It was preceded by a number of technical inspections and tests of all systems and components, which proved the readiness for the physical and energy start-up phase.

"Today, the third unit is fully technically ready and we will start fuel loading into the reactor immediately after the permit enters into force," stated Branislav Strýček, CEO of Slovenské elektrárne.

The Unit 3 verification of readiness for operation also included two international inspections, namely the International Atomic Energy Agency (Pre-OSART mission) and the World Association of Nuclear Power Plant Operators (WANO mission), which were attended by several dozen international experts. The missions did not find any obstacles that would prevent the commissioning of the third unit and subsequent safe and reliable operation in the coming years.

Slovenské elektrárne has proved the successful fulfilment of all tests and criteria necessary for issuance of the permits and is ready to meet all the conditions for physical and energy start-up specified in the UJD permits. The exact date of fuel loading into the reactor depends on the entry into force of the permit. However, the nuclear fuel for the reactor is already ready in the fresh fuel storage.

„Our top priority when putting the unit into operation is safety, and this is how we will approach the next phase of physical and energy start-up. We have decades of experience in the operation of nuclear units and very experienced team of Slovak experts who will have the entire process under full control.“

The new nuclear unit in Mochovce will have the installed capacity of 471 megawatts, which will cover approximately 13% of the total electricity consumption in Slovakia. After the start of production, the country will have become self-sufficient in electricity supply, for the first time since 2007. We have had to import electricity from abroad till now.

The Unit 3&4 completion project included approximately 450 suppliers. At the time of the peak of construction, nearly 7,000 people were working on the Mochovce 3 and 4 construction sites with more than 103 million man-hours worked so far.

The annual production of the third unit will save 2.6 million tons of CO2 emissions, i.e. about as much as if million cars and trucks disappeared from Slovak roads. It is especially thanks to the nuclear power plants that Slovenské elektrárne last year supplied 95% of energy without CO2 emissions to the grid, which is the most in the Company's history.