Slovenské elektrárne fulfilled 80 specific tasks to eliminate the dificiencies identified in the IAEA report

Slovenské elektrárne fulfilled 80 specific tasks to eliminate the dificiencies identified in the IAEA report
The Pre-OSART Report did not identify any major deficiencies in the Mochovce 3 power plant design that would prevent its commissioning.

Experts of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), who were invited by Slovenské elektrárne to carry out, in November and December 2019, an expert review of the operational safety of Unit 3 at the Mochovce nuclear power plant, Slovakia, prepared a Report after the completion of the Pre-OSART mission. It provided Slovenské elektrárne with recommendations and suggestions for improvement.

The 17-member team consisted of experts from Brazil, Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Romania, the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom, along with two IAEA staff members and observers from Austria, Italy and the Russian Federation.

IAEA experts focused on readiness of future operations and assessed areas of leadership and safety management, personnel training and qualifications, operation, maintenance, technical support, operational experience, radiation protection, chemistry, emergency preparedness and response, accident management, human interactions, technology and organisation, and commissioning.

The Report identified 11 areas of good practice and 22 issues, formulated 14 recommendations and 8 suggestions. Following the adoption of the report, Slovenské elektrárne systematically analysed all findings and carried out more than 80 specific tasks to remedy the identified deficiencies and their causes, and to put recommendations and suggestions into operational practice.

Although the IAEA mission does not substitute the assessment of the overall safety of the installation by the regulatory authorities of the Slovak Republic, it has provided very valuable feedback to Slovenske elektrarne. Slovenské elektrárne submitted information on the measures taken and action plans to the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic.

Among other things, IAEA experts highlighted in the Report that more than 200 safety improvements were made to the Unit 3 Mochovce Power Plant design, as a result of which the detailed Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA) showed a significant increase in the overall resilience of the power plant to both internal and external risks.

„Before start-up of a new nuclear power plant, it is essential that senior management consistently demonstrates its commitment to safety and that it engages employees at all levels in these efforts. The Pre-OSART team saw such a commitment.“

Fuming Jiang
nuclear safety senior officer
IAEA Department of Nuclear Safety and Security

The IAEA Report did not identify any major deficiencies in the power plant design that would prevent its commissioning and subsequent safe and reliable operation in the coming years. The elimination of identified deficiencies in the management, behaviour and performance of employees and contractors, was addressed by a specialized team of experts of Slovenske elektrarne. They developed and implemented a detailed plan of corrective actions in order to get Unit 3 up to the parameters of the currently operated units. An example is the Bohunice nuclear power plant, Slovakia, which recently reached a maximum of 100 points in the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) index, making it one of the world's elite in terms of safety and reliability of operation.

„We decided to invite the IAEA mission to Slovakia because we believe in continuous improvement, openness and transparency in communication with experts. We even agreed with the presence of a special observer from Austria, which was a highly accommodating step on our part. We have also decided to grant our consent to make the full Report of the mission available, building on a number of previous decisions and activities towards a transparent, open discussion, which is essential for establishing and maintaining trust. For Slovenské elektrárne, safety is a paramount priority that takes precedence over any other objectives.“

Branislav strýček
Chairman of the BoD and CEO
Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.

Slovenské elektrárne informs the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Slovak Republic about the measures taken and the implementation of action plans. During the follow-up OSART Mission, which should take place as early as next year, IAEA experts will also be able to see the results of the measures taken by Slovenské elektrárne to ensure the safety and readiness of NPP Mochovce 3 for efficient operation.