In 2009, Slovenské elektrárne started biomass co-combustion generation in the Vojany Power Plant, Eastern Slovakia, and in 2011 in the Nováky Power Plant, Central Slovakia. One black coal fired 110 MW unit can avoid about 21,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually when co-firing biomass in the fluidised bed boilers at Vojany. The Company is evaluating the possibility to co-fire up to 20% of biomass in near future. In the Nováky Power Plant co-combustion of biomass and brown coal takes place in the fluidised bed boilers of the operation ENO A.

Slovenské elektrárne is strongly committed in environmental friendly power generation thus helping mitigate the impact on climate change. Co-firing biomass also improves the operational efficiency of the power plant since it has a positive impact on the combustion process. Co-combustion should also result in operational savings related to limestone consumption, ash generation and disposal, demi-water consumption as well as in steam consumption.

This project is also in line with the target set by the European Union to increase the contribution to power generation from renewable sources on the total electricity production to 20% by 2020. Within this framework, Slovenské elektrárne is strongly committed to contribute to this target and develop more renewable projects in line with the priorities established by the Slovak Government and the European regulatory framework.