Electricity prices

Slovenské elektrárne is an electricity generating company. The price of electricity as a commodity is defined by the market without any form of regulation. The electricity price for end-consumers is comprised of several components. Some of them, such as the transmission, distribution, and system fees, are subject to regulation and are set by the decision of the Regulatory Office for Network Industries (RONI).

BUSINESSES: Breakdown of the average electricity price, excluding taxes (in %)

The final consumer electricity price for households is influenced not only by the price of the commodity, which represents approximately a third of the final household price, but also and mainly by other fees related to the transmission, distribution, and system fees, which are regulated by RONI. The price of electricity for end-consumers includes the system fees necessary for covering of ancillary services, subventions for the use of renewable energy sources and production of electricity using domestic brown coal. Transmission and distribution fees cover the costs incurred by the grid operators. On top of these fees, the end-consumer – with the exception of households – pays excise taxes, and all end-consumers pay the VAT as defined by the relevant legislation.

If you are interested in signing a contract for the supply of electricity, do not hesitate to contact the trade offices in Slovakia, Czech Republic or Poland.

HOUSEHOLDS: Breakdown of the average price of electricity, D2 rate excl. taxes (%)

If you are interested in a advantageous offer and would like to change your supplier, you can contact our 100% subsidiary Slovenské elektrárne - energetické služby.


Slovenské elektrárne operates in a fully liberalised market environment with no restrictions to the access of any subjects holding licences or permits. Trading principally takes place via brokerage platforms and the regional PXE exchange, which together form the market environment. Thus, electricity prices are created in a transparent environment based on the demand and supply equilibrium, providing constant information about the price to all participants. There are many companies daily operating on the market active on both sell and buy sides thus enhancing market liquidity. Consequently, there is no space for manipulation or deviation of the price of electricity versus the market.