Emergency preparedness and planning

Nuclear power plants have built a system of several protective barriers preventing release of radioactive elements into the surroundings which is continuously monitored. Reliability of each barrier is high and probability of parallel breach of all barriers and release of radioactive material into surroundings is very low.

If, despite these facts such failure occurred, in order to protect the power plant employees and citizens around, the emergency plans elaborated in advance and in line with legislative requirements of both SR and EU would be followed.

When hearing sirens, double check if it is not just an emergency test.What is a radiation event?

An event in the nuclear power plant during which a parallel breach of several barriers took place or may take place with a possible release of radioactive substances into the environment.

Warning and notification of citizens

You will learn about a radiation event with possible consequences to the environment through the WARNING system by the means of sirens which is supplemented by an oral information.

If you hear sirens, make sure it is not a planned sirens test. We always provide information about tests and drills on this Internet site.

More information about danger (release of radioactive substances, floods, natural catastrophes, release of dangerous chemical substances) will be broadcasted by the means of the village or town radio, or the Radio and Television of Slovakia (RTVS)

Make sure that your neighbours also heard the notification and understood it.

How to protect yourself against radioactive substances

  1. Shelter – the best protection against effects of the radioactive substances provide closed premises built of bricks.
  2. Iodine prophylaxis – prevents deposing of the radioactive iodine in the thyroid gland. The citizens located in the emergency area have obtain the iodine prophylaxis at the Municipal Authorities.
  3. Protection of the body surface and airways – airways must always be protected when moving in the open area – e.g. evacuation, closing industrial buildings, etc.
  4. Evacuation – is performed because of inevitable time limit of stay of persons in the emergency area.

Efficiency of the means of improvised airways protection:

  • 3-layer toilet paper (rolled) – 91 %;
  • folded cotton handkerchief – 88%;
  • towel – 74 %.

In the case you receive an instruction for sheltering

  • Leave the open premises and shelter into our house or flat.
  • Seal and close all windows and doors.
  • Extinguish the fire in facilities for combustion of solid fuels, close chimney flaps and gas inlet.

Wait until further detailed orders are broadcasted by the municipal radio or RTVS. Do not unnecessarily use fixed or mobile telephones, apart from calling emergency medical service to save lives.


If you receive the instruction to take potassium iodide

Take potassium iodide (KI) only after such an instruction is broadcasted by the radio or television. It is recommended to drink a small amount of water with the pills. Taking higher dose of potassium iodide does not increase its protective effect and it is not a benefit to your health.

Recommended dosage:

  • Neonates through 1 month of age: 1/4 of the pill (16 mg of KI);
  • Infants and children age 1 month to 3 years: 1/2 of the pill (32 mg of KI);
  • Children age 3 years to 12 years: 1 pill (65 mg of KI);
  • Children age above 12 years and adults: 2 pills (130 mg of KI).