Steam rising from Mochovce cooling towers.One Unit saves 3.7 million tons of CO2 emissions every year

Nuclear power plants are environmentally friendly and contribute significantly to the obligation to reduce the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

The process of evaluating the environmental impact of future operation (EIA) for Units 1&2 was undertaken in the past (1993-1994), as well as for Mochovce NPP Units 3&4 (2009-2010). All the studies confirmed that the operation of all four units of Mochovce NPP will not have a significant adverse effect on the environment. Indeed, the project will result in a number of positive effects – economic and social ones.

Nuclear plants produce a small amount of radioactive waste. One unit annually produces approximately 17 m3 of liquid and 15 tonnes of solid low-activity waste and 7 tonnes of spent fuel. Liquid radioactive waste is treated in Mochovce and solid radioactive waste at Bohunice Treatment Centre. Treated waste is stored in fibre-concrete containers in the National Radioactive Waste Repository at Mochovce.

The water required for cooling is taken from a water reservoir built on the nearby Hron River.

Up-to-date information on waste and discharges into the environment is found on this website. It is published regularly, on monthly basis.