Located by the Kráľová reservoir, the Kráľová hydroelectric power plant is the last large HPP on the Váh river featuring two installed sets having a maximum usable flow of 210 m3.sec-1 each, i.e. the Kráľová HPP 420 m3.sec-1 in total.

With a total installed capacity of 45 MW, the power plant makes use of the Váh river section from the town of Sereď to the town of Šaľa.

Kráľová HPP
Category reservoir
Installed capacity MW 45,06
Stream Váh
Type of turbine Kaplan
Flow rate m3.sec-1 2x 210
Number of turbo-sets 2
Commissioned in 1985
 Aver. annual generation GWh 117,3