Nováky Brown Coal Power Plant

The brown-coal-fired Elektrárne Nováky (Nováky TPP) plant is located in Zemianske Kostoľany near theNovácke uhoľné bane coal mines in the District of Prievidza. In addition to electricity generation and supply, Nováky TPP provides for hot water supplies for heating of the towns of Prievidza, Nováky, Zemianske Kostoľany as well as for industrial and other organisations and steam for heat supplies to surrounding industrial enterprises.

The power plants operate in the power system under basic and semi-peak modes. With their installed capacity of 266 MWe these account for some 6% of Slovenské elektrárne, a.s. installed capacity.

The construction of the brown coal fired thermal power plant Elektráreň Nováky (ENO) began in 1949 and the first turbo-generator TG1 was commissioned in 1953. The originally planned capacity under the Phase One construction at 44.8 MWe gradually increased to 128.8 MWe and the Phase Two construction completed in 1957 brought the installed capacity of ENO, also referred to as ENO A, up to 178.8 MWe. The latter capacity was delivered by means of ten boiler units and eight turbo-generators. Following their over-30-year operation, some major segments of the main technologic equipment of the ENO A oldest part were gradually shutdown and disposed of. A fluidised-bed boiler and a new back-pressure turbo-generator having an output of 28 MWe were erected and commissioned at the cleared premises in 1996. The turbo generator TG 3 at ENO A was decommissioned in 2013.

Over the period between 1959 and 1976, other construction phases as ENO B had been implemented. Under these phases, four units, i.e. four boiler units and four turbo-generators having a total capacity of 440 MWe were added, with the utility total installed capacity coming to 618.8 MWe. In 1998, modernisation and desulphurisation of smoke gases on two 110 MWe units were brought to an end. In order to meet the emission limits effective since January 1, 2016, units 1 and 2 at ENO B were modernized, while units 3 and 4 were shut down in the end of 2015.

The current plant capacity (ENO A and ENO B) totals 266 MWe.

A heat feeder line to the town of Prievidza featuring a capacity of 137 MWt, covering 13.2 km and pipeline diameter of 2 x DN 600 was put into operation in 1987. Both the feeder line and other heat supply equipment provide from the ENO A source for heating to 15,000 dwelling units and heat supply in steam to the surrounding industrial works.

  • 1949 Construction start
  • 1953 Launching the first boiler and turbogenerator into operation
  • 1964 Launching Units 1 and 2 of ENO B into operation
  • 1965 Accident of ash disposal site barrier
  • 1976 Launching Units 3 and 4 of ENO B into operation
  • 1987 Launching thermal feeder to Prievidza into operation
  • 1994 Completion of refurbishment and upgrade of Unit 1 and 2 of ENO B
  • 1996 Launching TG 11 of ENO A into operation
  • 1996 Launching FK 1 of ENO A into operation
  • 1999 Launching desulphurisation of Units 1 and 2 of ENO B into operation
  • 2003 Launching of heat supply from ENO B to ENO A into operation
  • 2003 Launching TG 12 of ENO A into operation
  • 2007 Launching reverse osmosis on DEMI station into operation
  • 2008 Launching sewage water treatment plant into operation
  • 2008 Gypsum suspension dewatering
  • 2009 Interconnection of Units 3 and of ENO B to ENO A in 2.1 MPa steam
  • 2010 Reconstruction of oil management of Units 3 and 4 of ENO B and of ENO A
  • 2010 Reconstuction of Unit 2 of ENO B control system
  • 2011 Reconstuction of Unit 1 of ENO B control system
  • 2011 Automatization of central ash silos and ash extraction from ENO B
  • 2011 Start of co-combustion of biomass and coal in fluidised bed boiler in FK 1 ENO A
  • 2012 Original deposit site recultivation and environmental burdens sanation
  • 2013 Units 1, 2 and 3 ENO B, desulphuration and FK 1 common overhaul, antifire measurements at coal handling
  • 2013 Decommissioning of TG 3 with 32 MW output
  • 2014 FK 1 and TG 11 control system modernisation
  • 2014 Key units procurement of Units 1 and 2 ENO B modernisation
  • 2014 Barrier enhancement at Chalmová Definitive deposit site
  • 2015 Units 1 and 2 ENO B modernisation; shut down of units 3 and 4 (31 December 2015)
ENO A and ENO B basic capacities
Installed heating: 1 358 MWt
Installed electric: 266 MW
of which:  
ENO B* 220 MW
ENO A 1953-1957, 1996, 2003
ENO B 1964 (units 1 & 2)
1976 (units 3 & 4)*
Calorific value of fuel used
Brown coal and lignite from Slovak coal mines 10,5 MJ/kg
Heavy heating oil 41,6 MJ/kg
Heating capacity of boilers
ENO A K1, K2 77 MWt
Fluidised-bed boiler FK1 98 MWt
ENO B K1, K2 269 MWt
K3 and K4 284 MWt
Turbo-generator capacities
ENO A TG 12: 18 MW
TG 3 (desommissioned in 2014) 32 MW
TG 11 28 MW
ENO B Units 1, 2, 3, 4* 4 x 110 MW*
Prievidza heat feeder line parameters
Maximum heating capacity 137 MWt
Output circulating water temperature 150 °C
Return circulating water temperature 70 °C
Neutral point pressure 1,5 Mpa
ENO A exchanger station consists of
1 basic heater
2 peak heaters
The circulating water is provided by three circulating-water pumps.

*units 3 & 4 at ENO B shut down on 31 December 2015