Occupational health and safety

Everyone for safetyTo achieve Slovenské elektrárne's Vision and Mission we declare and commit to fulfil the rules and principles in the area of safety, health protection, fire protection and prevention from serious industrial accidents.

Safety, first of all nuclear safety and radiation protection as its inseparable part, is of top priority and are at all times superior to production requirements and commercial gain.

Every employee is responsible for safety within the scope of his/her competence, responsibilities and powers.

Relevant legal and other requirements, principles of safety culture and open communication, which enable staff to express freely their opinion on safety issues without fear of repercussion, are implemented in all activities.

Principles of an defence in-depth strategy are applied in design and activities regarding operation of nuclear installations. Attention is focused on prevention but also on reduction of the potential risks consequences.

Safety management is an inseparable part of the integrated management system, which clearly and unambi guously defines the responsibilities of line managers.

The ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle is applied in the management of personal doses, radioactive releases into the environment, and radioactive waste management, with the aim to continuously decrease radiation load in nuclear facilities and their surroundings.

An efficient system of emergency preparedness, including training of individuals, is implemented and constantly maintained and regularly tested.

Selection, supervision and evaluation of suppliers are done from the point of view of their approach to safety and fulfilment of qualification and qualitative requirements.

Open dialog with the public, regulatory bodies, local and regional authorities of state administration and self- administration is being implemented.

Adequate conditions are created for protection of employees’ health during the performance of work activities.

Company supports open communication and cooperation with employees, the employees´ representatives for safety issues, occupational medical service and labour union, and it motivates the employees to take part in health protection and solving of safety issues.

Risks of work as well as potential causes of serious industrial accidents are identified and evaluated. To evaluated risks the measures are defined, which ensure the minimal risk level from health of people,
the environment and property points of view.

Measures and measurable objectives of continuous safety improvement focused on health and safety
management system are defined and communicated. Our effort is to minimize the number of occupational injuries as well as the impact of the working environment on employees´ health with the aim to reach the strategic objective – zero occupational accident rate.

Appropriate material and financial resources are allocated in order to achieve safety objectives and fulfil safety requirements, policies, and principles, to increase education, qualification and information of employees.

Latest knowledge and experience in safety and health protection are constantly used with the aim of continuous improvement.

Development of production base is focused on such technologies of electricity and heat generation that
minimize negative impact on safety, environment and employees' health.

The implementation and evaluation of this Policy guarantees that the company will comply with all legal and other requirements in the relevant areas.