Safety is one of the main strategic factors for Slovenské elektrárne. Only by being safe we can become the most efficient, productive and competitive company. In fact, an efficient company is safer and a safer company is more efficient.

The path to excellence starts from safety and this is why we disseminate and consolidate culture of health and safety. We encourage our people to act responsibly, promoting greater awareness of risk and working for the continuous improvement of health and safety standards.

Being a nuclear operator Slovenské elektrárne undertakes publicly to guarantee that a clear nuclear safety policy is adopted at our plants and each plant is managed in accordance with criteria that can guarantee the absolute priority of safety for workers, public and the environment.

Our Nuclear Policy promotes excellence in all the activities of the plant, in accordance with a concept that intends to go beyond mere conformity with the applicable laws and regulations and to guarantee the adoption of managerial approaches to incorporate the principles of continuous improvement and safe risk management.

For Slovenské elektrárne Nuclear Safety as well as Occupational Health and Safety are not just a legislative requirement but they are also a moral responsibility of the people working for the business. It’s the Company’s priority guiding all operations.

Slovenské elektrárne fully accepts and implements the key principles of H&S applied by Enel Group which are:

  • Safety as an integral part of our business
    Safety is crucial to the success of our business, a key element in all of our company processes.
  • Leading by example
    Managers are agents of change who offer colleagues an example of how to behave responsibly.
  • Encouraging safe behaviour
    Safety should be a core, shared value of each employee, who should be accountable for their decisions and behavior.
  • Equal treatment of employees and contractor
    Health and safety of contractors is equally important to that of employees.
  • Ensure a healthy environment
    Protection of the employees’ health is one of the key objectives, on an equal footing with safety.
  • Increase expertise and communicate effectively
    Training and communication are keys to H&S culture development and best practice diffusion within the Company.

For us nothing can be more important than the lives and health of everyone working with us and for us. For this reason, we will never be satisfied until we reach our “Zero Accident” goal.