Trenčín hydroelectric power plant is the last HPP on the historically first diversion channel, but it is built with a time delay, therefore it is already designed to a flow rate of 2 x 90 = 180 m3.sec-1, equal to that of the HPP downstream cascade. A system featuring a heat pump to make use of the waste cooling water heat was installed at the Trenčín HPP during the construction. This system has provided to date for heating of the Trenčín HPP and of the adjacent premises. The water used at the Trenčín HPP flows together with the Váh riverbed water into the Trenčianske Biskupice weir, which is a retention reservoir for the Nové Mesto cascade.

Category canal
Installed capacity MW 16,1
Stream Váh
Type of turbine Kaplan
Flow rate m3.sec-1 2x 90
Number of turbo-sets 2
Commissioned in 1956
Aver. annual generation GWh 83,4