MVE Tvrdošín vyrovnáva odtoky zo špičkovej prevádzky VE Orava (na snímke)

Aimed to balance run-offs from peak-load operation of the Orava HPP, the small hydroelectric power plant was constructed by the Tvrdošín balancing reservoir. The smaller of the turbo-generators has a maximum usable flow of 5 m3sec-1, i.e. as much as required by the biological flow rate in the Orava river downstream the Orava water work, therefore it is in operation almost continuously. The larger turbo-generators are operated when inflows into the Orava reservoir are higher. 

Category dam - run-of-river
Installed capacity MW 6,1
Stream Orava
Type of turbine Kaplan - horizontal
Flow rate m3.sec-1 2x 30,0 + 1x 5,0
Number of turbo-sets 3
Commissioned in 1979
Aver. annual generation GWh 18,02