Veľké Kozmálovce

MVE Kozmálovce – zásoba vody pre AE Mochovce

The Veľké Kozmalovce small hydroelectric power plant was built on the Hron river as the only HPP on the river, which belongs to SE, a.s. The primary purpose of the Veľké Kozmálovce water work is to provide for stock of cooling water for the Mochovce NPP. At the HPP there are installed three sets having a bend-type turbine and a generator driven via a gearbox. The waste water from the smaller of the sets empties into the Perec channel rather than the Hron river.

Category dam - reservoir
Installed capacity MW 5,32
Stream Hron
Type of turbine Kaplan - horizontal
Flow rate m3.sec-1 1x 12 + 2x 36
Number of turbo-sets 3
Commissioned in 1988
Aver. annual generation GWh 16